Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Temporary Social Media Caveman

Usually I record my runs using the Strava app on my phone, which is convenient for photos and music, but less so for keeping track of how far I've gone and for how long. I also use my laptop to plot routes.
Both, inconveniently, died within a week of each other, and until their replacements arrive, I am in the virtual dark. Luckily I can borrow the BF's laptop and I have no university deadlines looming, but it's still irritating to not be able to mindlessly flick through social media for hours on end.

Luckily I could still record our run today, as my mum had recently sent up my good old garmin 😃
casually standing around in running gear, waiting for the satellites, getting weird looks from dog walkers

The weather was almost perfect conditions after last night's thunderstorms, and finally having statistics on my wrist improved my running too- instead of just walking when I was tired, I slowed my pace and took a one minute walk break every 0.5 miles (I'm unfit okay), which overall increased my average pace by almost a whole minute per mile. Definitely the best run I've had since starting again!
Sneaky photo the BF took while he was ahead of me, the showoff 

Leave in the comments what you use to record your runs!


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